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At Great Financial Services, we adopt a structured and disciplined advisory approach and provide you portfolio solutions which meet your desired financial goals and milestones.

At Great Financial Services, we offer you a complete range of solutions that complement our advisory services. The range includes a combination of best of breed proprietary and non proprietary (third party) products. The approach is to recommend you product solutions within your overall asset allocation in an unbiased manner after evaluating all the options available in the market.

Work with us to develop a wealth creation and protection plan that provides you with the best chance to reach your financial goals according to your specific needs and comfort levels. Our estate planning, insurance, and wealth management expertise will put you in the best position to succeed while allowing you to maximize your time devoted to focusing on the pursuits that are most important to you.

We offer following specific solutions to our clients:-

  • Investment Advisory Services MF,
  • Fixed Deposits,
  • Equity Share Trading- Online/Offline/Mobile
  • Life and General Insurance

We At  GFS, distribute various investment and Insurance products and offer investment solutions for various financial needs of Individuals with help of available investment and insurance schemes.

Why through GFS

Periodical portfolio review (mutual funds)

Unbiased recommendations

·        Rich experience in financial products distribution

·        Periodical reminders

·        Dedicated service support staffs

·         Doorstep services



 Mutual Funds(Pls put whatever positive to improve by you)

Fixed Deposits


  • Equity Fund Raising Advisory to help clients achieve their growth objectives
  • – Serviceing as Sub broker of leading company for Online,Offline and Mobile trading options with dedicated relationship managers for  primary & secondary market transactions
  • Help companies make the right choice, whether to choose a financial and strategic investor or to evaluate the fitment between firm's goals and prospective investor's plans
  • Leveraging vast industry experience and incisive knowledge of investment strategies to assist clients



Life Insurance

Increasing inflation, changing lifestyles and circumstances have made it imperative to insure the financial security of an individual and his/her dependents. Key milestones and eventualities in life such as education, marriage and retirement, mandate foresight and planning to manage expenses.

Life Insurance Is The First Step Towards Efficient Financial Planning

Being adequately insured guarantees the family does not have to compromise on their standard of living in the unfortunate event of loss of the bread-winner. While wealth protection is the primary aim of life insurance, there are certain plans that offer the dual advantages of long term savings and wealth creation.

Life insurance plans are unique to every individual and must be scientifically assessed considering various aspects such as age of the individual, liabilities, dependents, financial goals, standards of living, etc. GFS partners with the best life insurance providers to offer plans that suit your needs.

General Insurance

GFS  is committed to provide you with time-tested and trusted financial solutions that give you all the security you need. We offer you Non-Life Insurance solutions which will be customised to your every day need with superior customer support service. This helps us give you a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Non Life Insurance Products:

You can avail of a range of products to suit your insurance needs. The general insurance products are classified under five categories.

·         1) Motor Insurance

A motor insurance safeguards your finances and gives you the desired coverage in the event of vehicle damage, loss of vehicle, third party liability, etc. Secure your vehicle from financial liabilities or loss of motor vehicle that you may face. Whether it’s a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood or somebody damages or steals your car, motor insurance will take care of it. It brings to you confidence and peace of mind on the road.

·         2) Health Insurance

A health insurance safeguards you and your family from costly medical expenses in case of any emergency and simply lets you concentrate peacefully on the recovery of yourself or your dear ones. We also have other wide range of health plans to cover you and your family against expensive medical care.

·         3) Personal Accident Insurance

A personal accident insurance ensures the financial stability for you and your family in the event of an accident. The policy covers an individual against death, disability and related adversities like bodily burns etc.

·         4) Travel Insurance

A travel insurance plan will ensure that your vacation is hassle-free. Whether you happen to lose your baggage or passport, or whether you need any kind of medical support on your trip, an overseas travel insurance will make sure that you get what you need. We offer wide range of plans that span both leisure and business travels, which will suit your travelling purpose at an affordable cost.

·         5) Home Insurance

A home insurance safeguards your home from unforeseen events like fire, burglary and theft.

Bonds :-

Bond refers to a security issued by a company, financial institution or government which offers regular or fixed payment of interest in return on the amount borrowed money for a certain period of time.

Thus by purchasing a bond, an investor loans money for a fixed period of time at a predetermined interest rate. While the interest is paid to the bond holder at regular intervals, the principal amount is repaid at a later date, known as the maturity date. While both bonds and stocks are securities, the principle difference between the two is that bond holders are lenders, while stockholders are the owners of the organization. Another difference is that bonds usually have a defined term, or maturity, after which the bond is redeemed, whereas stocks may be outstanding indefinitely.

Customer also has the option of recurring interest along with Principal i.e Cumulative Interest. Thus a bond is like a loan: the issuer is the borrower (debtor), the holder is the lender (creditor), and the coupon is the interest. Bonds provide the borrower with external funds to finance long-term investments, or, in the case of government bonds, to finance current expenditure. Bonds must be repaid at fixed intervals over a period of time.


            Home Loans*

  • We work closely with all home loan companies offering customised home loan solutions with best in class services with deep domain knowledge and simple loan procedure for purchase, construction and extension of dwelling units.
  • ur expertise in home loan's for NRI's & PIO's include purchase , construction, repair and renovation of residential property in India


           Personal Loans*- Offering through other Banks /NBFC

  • Loan Against Properties*-We arrange loans against mortgage of existing residential /commercial immovable property .



           Loan Against Shares*- We support to get loans against your Shares/Mutual Funds/Bonds

·         Loans eligibility as per terms and conditions on loan apply companies

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Mutual Funds

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Market Views

  • India Inc over the last 3 years has seen multiple shocks – from demonetisation to key reforms like GST, RERA etc to credit freeze in aftermath of wholesale NBFC unable to get access to credit to current lockdown amidst the global supply and demand shock unleashed by Coronavirus. In the long journey of corporate India, these events almost seems like a big RESET button. A call to significantly change business practices, realign key business priorities in a changing landscape and massive consolidation across sectors.


  • ·       Covid19 – while initial impact was localised to Chinese economy and therefore the supply shock given large export from China, the spread of virus globally now risks creating a demand shock as well. While global coordination of policy makers and containment of virus and improvement in drugs to counter will reduce the longer term impacts of this shock, near-term demand and supply chains remain frozen amidst a significant drop in economic activity.


  • ·       While Indian government & RBI have announced few measures, we expect more measures to be announced given the unprecedented nature of events led by Covid 19. Amidst this uncertainty, Indian equities have seen large up and down moves in recent months.


  • ·       While near term uncertainty induces volatility in asset prices, in the long run, wealth creation in equities is a function as how businesses can profitably grow over their cost of capital sustainably. Given the long-range of reforms introduced as well as likely relief measures by government & RBI, we believe longer-term prospects of Indian equities is quite encouraging and we would advise investors to benefit from such induced volatility.


  • ·       Time in the market is more important than timing the market - recently, markets volatility has moved up and investors can benefit from this volatility by focusing on disciplined investing and asset allocation.

•       One of the biggest fallouts of the Covid crisis was seen in April with oil prices (WTI Crude) going into negative territory as inventory buildup, due to lack of demand, created a storage problem in the oil markets.

•       The lock down in India has been extended for the second time in India till the 17th of May, however several concessions were provided based on the classification of the entire country into Green, Orange and Red zones, depending on the number of cases in each region.


•       In the mutual fund space, Franklin Templeton wound up 6 of their debt schemes with over 30000 Crs of AUM as of 31st Mar 2020, citing inability to meet redemptions due to market liquidity conditions as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.


•       Earlier during the month RBI has announced several measures including a cut of reverse repo rate by 25 bps to 3.75 percent, LTRO 2 of 50000 cr that could be lent to NBFC’s and MFI’s


•       The current Gsec yield curve is quite steep. However we do expect further RBI action to introduce some amount of flattening.


·         The geo-political Risk which was triggered due to Coronavirus in Wuhan has become the 6 sigma event as feared. The slowdown fears are quickly becoming a reality.

·         The falling commodity prices and bond rally globally will help keep Indian rates lower.  This is positive for trade deficit however due to equity selloff INR will remain under pressure, which is manageable as RBI has enough reserves to fight the same.

·         If India continues to remain relatively unaffected from the COVID-19, it could spell positive for the country in attracting capital, tourism and jobs.

·         We believe we have seen peak of inflation in February  2020 with head line CPI at 7.59% . However based on current prices we expect the same to ease off to 7% and gradually trend towards the comfort zone. This will be positive from interest rates point of view given the overall environment inflation is what will be chased globally

·         The RBI announced LTRO worth 1lac cr which was much potent tool than a rate cut and we believe this LTRO will pull down and anchor the short term rates much closer to overnight rates as 1 Lac cr of fresh money will lead to at least 2-3 lac cr worth of demand for assets leading to spread compression.

·         In a nut shell, key driver for returns will be corporate spread-compression or flattening of the yield curve. It will start with AAA/PSU followed by NBFC/HFC like Bajaj/HDFC; and then, it may percolate to lower grade NBFC and other corporate bonds. 

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